Mobilis Elite : The power rail for EOT Crane / Hoist

Your overhead bridge crane and monorail power supply rails

The electrical supply power rail system Mobilis Elite meets the requirements of the most demanding manufacturers, installers, and end-users of mobile equipment: higher safety, fast assembling, operation reliability, and easy maintenance of this overhead crane conductor rails system for travelling cranes and other mobile equipment requiring mobile power socket.


High Security and user protection
The closed profile of the IP23 rail guarantee the user against electric shock even under the rain: all the accessories ensure the IP23.

Quick installation:
Multiple pole lines with 4 or 5 pre-mounted conductors and many accessories to clip-on (no tools required)

Quick and easy connection:
Connection system with built-in self-breaking screws, guaranteeing tightening at optimum torque

Reduced voltage drop at connections:
The very large exchange surface, and tightening maintained at optimum torque allow reducing and controlling voltage drop

Excellent operator safety and protection:
The closed profile of the mounted line with the full set of accessories has a protection level of IP23, which means that the equipment is protected so that people cannot access the dangerous sections, even under the rain

Operation reliability:
The current collectors, tested against requirements stricter than the standards, are designed to run for several thousand kilometers, providing reduced maintenance of facilities







  • Number of poles: 4 or 5
  • Intensity: 12A, 20A, 40A, 60A, 100A, 130A, 160A, 200A
  • Maximum operating voltage: 750 V







  • Self-extinguishing closed PVC profile, of modern design
  • Easy and quick mounting of the line in its suspensions
  • Quick and reliable connection
  • No preparation required
  • Increased safety
  • Modular and interchangeable


  • Protection level IP23 according to EN60529
  • Meets the requirements of Standards EN60439-2, CEI61439-6 and EN60204-32


  • Transfer elements
  • Curves
  • Circuit interruption elements
  • Inlet gates
  • Ventilation elements
  • Switching fingers
  • Expansion joints
  • Special trolleys and carriers
  • Data transfer…


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Our equipment is guaranteed one year against any material or manufacturing defect recognized by ourselves. As we are not responsible for its installation and operation, our guarantee covers only replacement or repair (at our own choosing) of the part recognized to be defective.

We do not accept responsibility for any defects arising from faulty supervision or maintenance. We also disclaim liability for any production stoppages that may result. Any arbitration shall be held in

Strasbourg, even when several defendants are involved.